Senin, 22 April 2013 | 10:22

BENGKULU Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) opened the eleventh branch directly to the province of Bengkulu and Bengkulu GAPKI inaugurating the committee on Thursday (18/4) at Hotel Santika ballroom.

At the inauguration of the board GAPKI for the 2013-2016 periods is also present Governor H. Junaidi Hamsyah with his staff as well as the police chief of Bengkulu.

Chairman GAPKI Joefly J Bahrudi appealed to GAPKI Bengkulu which is sworn to immediately socialize existence GAPKI Bengkulu on stakeholders and the public and quickly create programs that work in harmony with the work program GAPKI center, he also expressed gratitude to the government through the presence of the governor enthusiastically with staff- his staff at the inauguration ceremony that will GAPKI Bengkulu chaired by Daniel Manurung.

"The presence of the Governor Today shows that GAPKI is a partner organization of the government," he said.

According to him, the palm oil industry is rapidly growing and currently has 9 million Indonesian land hectares under oil palm is capable of producing 27 million tons of CPO so that Indonesia is the largest palm oil producer in the world.

In GAPKI note that the center of Bengkulu province has an area of ​​224,000 hectares of oil palm with the production of 600 200 tons later of course will increase again he also said the expansion of palm oil will continue to grow.

"In future we will witness the development of oil palm as the expansion of palm oil will continue to take place mainly by small farmers as well as by large companies as well as government-owned companies," he said.

Chairman of the organizing committee for the inauguration GAPKI Siregar said Jon Irwansyah inauguration as the committee consisting of 9 companies and is also a founding  GAPKI Bengkulu, PT. Bio Nusantara Teknologi, PT. Agricinal, PT. Agromuko, PTPN 7, PT. Agri Andalas, PT. Sandabi Indah Lestari, PT. Daria Dharma Pratama, PT.Alno Agro Utama, and PT. Mitra Puding Mas are preparing for the inauguration of the date of February 14, 2013 ago.

"To the new board GAPKI Bengkulu with the inauguration of our work and congratulations advance palm oil in the Bengkulu which will have a positive impact on the economy Bengkulu people," 'he said. (CW5)