product - CPO


CPO (Crude Palm Oil) is a major commodity vegetable oil palm oil sector in Indonesia, which is the second largest producer after Malaysia. The area of ​​oil palm development plan people significant experienced substantial growth from year to year.
Some progress has been gained in the development of oil palm plantations and benefits have to be realized as a result of the efforts of the oil palm agribusiness, support from various parties such as banks, research and development and other economic infrastructure support by the various agencies involved in the development of oil palm agribusiness very important role. Various benefits are successfully realized among other things, increasing the income of farmers and communities, increasing exports, increasing employment opportunities and the most important thing is to support the efforts in the development of the area to make it more advanced and developed. If we look from the side of environmental protection, which is an oil palm tree-shaped perennial crops (tree crops) may play a role in the absorption of greenhouse gases or other environmental services such as biodiversity conservation or eco-tourism. The FAO meeting in Rome a few years ago has also received a proposal from Malaysian palm oil in order to be accepted as a forest crop because their functions are complementary to the function of forest plants.

Agribusiness development of oil palm in Indonesia has a very positive impact in national development, because palm oil is one of foreign exchange earner of the non-oil sector is quite important.