The palm oil industry requires tools for grasping methane gas

Senin, 11 Maret 2013 | 08:43

Indonesian Palm Oil Board (DMSI) urged the government to provide incentives to employers to purchase methane gas capture tool. In the presence of the device, the level of methane emissions in the palm oil mill (MCC) can reach the standard of the United States (U.S.).

Vice-Chairman of the First Indonesian Palm Oil Board (DMSI) Derom Bangun said the U.S. environmental protection agency (Environmental Protection Agency / EPA) proposed the rejection of biodiesel Indonesia, because Indonesia is considered as an environmentally friendly country.

The agency proposed a reduction in methane emissions than fuel oil (BBM) fossils in the country at least 20 percent biodiesel in the country in order to be accepted in the U.S.. Based on data from the EPA, emissions are currently only reached 17 percent.

"Kinda hard to do, considering we have not been furnished MCC tentacle methane gas, as well as our peatlands also contributes substantial methane gas," he said in Medan.

He explained that currently only approximately 60 of the approximately 608 PKS in Indonesia. So that if the government intends to build a downstream energy, and penetrated the U.S. biodiesel market, employers should be an incentive. "Methane gas catcher's equipment is quite expensive. Could only reach 10 billion," he added.

Derom claimed, results of comparative studies that have been done it a little different from the U.S. environmental agency. Levels of methane emissions in the country not recognized by allegations institutions.

But if you really want to expand, of course, have to adjust to their standardization. Then it will be some steps that can be taken, one of which put transimisi tentacle methane gas.

"According to them, the MCC we produce methane gas with a total volume of 90 percent of the total production capacity of 60 tons per hectare per year. Addition of methane from peatland reached 95 tons. If our data Only 38-43 tons per year," he said.

"But ya like it or not we have to adjust, so the existence of such incentives is very important, it is also part of the downstream oil products we are currently threatened the prices will keep falling. Least 60 percent can be realized such a device, if the incentive is disbursed, "he closed.